ERALDO joined the Morobé clique

ERALDO joined the Morobé clique



Oh, yes! Who thinks MOROBÉ isn’t everywhere, is wrong ;-) You can find us at the wonderful store: ‘ERALDO’Eraldo is an exclusive multibrand boutique close to Venice, with a focus on international and (otherwise) hard-to-find labels. Menswear and womenswear from top designers, including Saint Laurent, Balmain, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Valentino, Céline, Acne, Gucci, and now we can tell you MOROBÉ is becoming one of them.

Via Roma, 92, 30022 Ceggia VE, Italië 


Friendly B&B Sandra (Corte Trapolin 2452; +39 041 720957; is difficult to beat, especially their wood-beamed suite on the top floor with its canal views and access to the ‘altana’, a wooden rooftop terrace that's perfect for sundowners. For a splurge, there's always the internationally-renowned Hotel Cipriani. Belmond Hotel Cipriani offers stunning views of Venice Lagoon and the Doge's Palace. It features a large outdoor swimming pool, tennis court and luxury spa facilities.



You’re in Italy, so it’s hard to find a bad meal while you’re here. Pasta is a must, of course, but cicheti, which are small, tapas-like plates, are the must-eat item when you’re in Venice.

You’ll find them in bacari, which are small wine-bars dotted around the city – order a glass of wine and enjoy bite-sized specialties you won’t forget!



Gondola Ride – It may seem like a cliché, but you really can’t visit Venice without enjoying a traditional gondola ride. It’ll set you back €80 for 40 minutes, which is the price set by the city – but the memories are truly priceless!



…something made of Murano glass. While it’s very difficult to find something original and creative that doesn’t cost the earth, it’s also the perfect reminder of Venice if you come across the right item.

A mask, Venetian masks are one of the city’s most famous exports (alongside Murano Glass… but I already covered that above!) and they are simply amazing to behold. There are so many styles and faces – you could spend hours in some of the shops just marveling at them all.